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A social site to discover people with the same hair type and share hair tips and product reviews.

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St Charles Bank Marketing

Site(s) done while at Wintrust. The navigation was designed to get information to the user about new products, bundles and information about banking in general.

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L & L Court Reporting

A simple design to help the cliental schedule a stenographer and to learn about the business.

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National Staffing Alliance

Built to provide information for an association of small businesses that worked in the staffing industry. This website was developed in Drupal 7.

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Why Wintrust? Score Website

A microsite using heavy jQuery to load in content, was designed to show all the potential Wintrust Corp has and the opportunities it provides with all its subsidiaries, locations, and funding options.

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Upland Gun Dog Association

A site built to meet the ever growing needs of a hunting dog association that provides certifications and training for upland gun dogs, such as event information and scheduling. This site also provides a basic functionality for the client to display product advertisers.

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FIF Golf Contest

A site designed to allow a predetermined list of customers with an access code mailed to them to join in on a fun contest that allowed them to pick four golfers in the Masters tournament. After each round the site would produce a score based on a formula, and at the end the person with the highest score was the winner.

Adams Harris

Using designs from their new campaign, we created a site reflective of their new direction using the concept of deep roots, and natural colors. It was developed in Drupal 6.


This website was designed to have a fresh, uncomplicated look enabling a diverse congregation to easily access information about the church. It was developed in a basic PHP in-house framework, using jQuery to simplify the layout for the backend.

Original Junior Savers

Microsite for an account type provided by Wintrust Community Banks. Designed to show the benefits and options of the account at each location, show events and provide games for the kids to learn about saving. Built in Joomla 1.5 with a flash header navigation.

Where is Henry? Facebook photo contest.

A facebook contest that allowed users using their facebook account to login, like the page and then access the app. The app allowed them to upload a photo of a toy pig that was provided by the bank of the pig in different locations.

Bank R.S.V.P.

A simple microsite that pulled a list of available events for each bank charter. After the user chose an event, all the information plus a jQuery submitted R.S.V.P. form would be provided.

Bank CD Promo Micro Site

A microsite giving details for a CD promotion being run by some of the Wintrust Community Banks. It provided information pulled in dynamically based on the bank it was for. This site was retrofitted to support mobile phones using media-queries and converting from table based email template to a div based design.

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Ridge Wood Construction

Using a design from Benjamin Feinberg, we built out the site showing the company's work using PHP, jQuery, CSS and HTML.

Bank Displays

A website designed and used for inside the bank lobby, using PHP and jQuery to refresh every 5 minutes and on every hour and to pull in new weather, news and advertisements.

Have It All - Sticky Notes

Full browsers flash website using XML to load in the newest sticky note. It also had a search function that pulled locations nearest to the user's zip code using Google Maps API.

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Wheel of Fun

A pop up flash game added to bank sites and the Junior Savers site. The user could spin the wheel and win points to be able to physically go to the bank and spin the real wheel for points or they would just be offered a coloring book download.

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Bank Rewards Checking

A full browser flash website that dynamically and randomly loaded different "postcards" that when clicked displayed different options in the rewards checking.

True Community Demo Site

Tricom - Why

A microsite that has a flash carousel that was dynamically loaded through XML. Each section would be loaded by an AJAX call using jQuery from flash. The content would load below the flash. This content included flash video, flash/jQuery audio players and html.

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